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Foldable water bottle advantage[2016-06-01]
Our leak proof Foldable water bottle are foldable Portability, Safety, ECO Friendly, and Easy To Clean.
Revelation! Asian women have a knack for skincare[2017-06-07]
As is known to us all, we Asians have different skin from other continents, the skincare products of western countries does not always suit for Asians. We Asians also have some skills for skincare, he...
Are You In The Right Way Of Supplementing Water When You Are Exercising In The Gym Or Fitness Center[2017-06-07]
During the time you are doing physical exercise in fitness ceter or gym, the amount of perspiration is significantly increased. At this time, Both your body and your feeling need water supply. If you ...
What should we pay attention to when choosing a bottle?[2017-05-24]
silicone water bottle is a light collapsible bottle which has 186g weight and 1000ml volume, and free from BPA, PVC, phthalates. With these points in it, silicone water bottle is the best choose for o...
How A Girl Ride 2,000 KMs Back To Her Hometown?[2017-05-23]
So what do we need when we are cycling? These things seem to be necessary: Bicycles, cargo racks, kettle racks, rear-view mirrors, car locks, bike riding, cycling gloves, cycling shoes, riding glasses...
Silicone Travel Bottle USE[2017-04-18]
Silicone Travel bottle: travel bottle will use role is to go out tourism, the home big bottle of shampoo, bath liquid, cleanser, each in this small bottle packing up, because the bottle is small, so e...
Outdoor sports water bottle choose common sense[2017-03-28]
Camping out in Numbers and have a picnic in times of need, a large water bottle can be folded can effectively meet the needs of the camp to water.
The most practical sports water bottle[2017-03-17]
Kean Foldable sports water bottle: Lightweight, ECO-Friendly, Plastic-Free, Durable, Dishwasher safe, Safety, taste and odor free, Economical, Nontoxic, Fashionable, Leak proof, Food grade silicone m...
AT THE END OF 2016, KEAN FAMILY PORTRAIT, Technical personnel, Marketing salesman.
silicone water bottle[2016-06-24]
Silicone water bottle made of bpa free food grade liquid silicone materil,BPA free, nontoxic, no smell, it’s safe to drink from.silicone water bottle can foldable and collapsible when it’s empty, s...
Outdoor sports origin[2016-06-14]
Origin and development of outdoor sports history dating back to the 1 6th century Europe.At that time, a kind of important tourism phenomenon, the European tourist attention from public, and continued...
Outdoor camping equipment daquan[2016-06-08]
Outdoor tents, bags, backpacks, sleeping bags, dampproof mat or air cushion, charge, leak proof water bottle/foldable water bottle.
why do you need to purchase silicone foldable water bottle?[2016-06-02]
Because silicone foldable water bottle is better than that all of the water bottle on the market. plastic water bottle easy to leakage of water and toxic, ceramic water bottle and glass water bottle e...
How to disinfect silicone travel bottles?[2016-05-27]
silicone travel bottles not disinfection will make your silicone travel bottles into bacteria playground, so before use or to pay attention to disinfection and cleaning after use.
How to choose and buy leak proof sports water bottle?[2016-05-19]
How to choose and buy leak proof sports water bottle?
New silicone leak proof water bottle[2016-05-18]
leak proof water bottle - three leak proof silicone foldable water bottle new arrival, roll up and foldable water bottle S5
travel Troubles[2015-05-14]
Ah, travel. It can be the most wonderful experience – embracing different cultures and seeing iconic sights. But it can be testing too. Around 70% of travellers face troubles when travelling.And if y...
The best school water bottles[2015-05-12]
bpa free best school water bottles. Have you ever thought of a bottle that is light ,unbreakable, and most importantly ,it is small enough not to occupy the space of the small schoolbag? Yes, I bought...
Toothbrush case-keep your toothbrush clean[2015-05-09]
Everybody, when you go travel, how do you keep your toothbrush sanitary and free of bacteria? You may find it is an annoying thing. But, now Kean Silicone oral b toothbrush travel case have invented a...
The experience in Kean Silicone Products Co., Ltd as a newcomer[2015-05-09]
As a newcomers arrived, I have three kinds of experience here: First, Kean Silicone Products Co., Ltd is a passionate big family and big team, All the people here are very enthusiastic, friendl...
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